We Accept AfterPay at Brabham Smiles

Have your dental treatments done today and pay later with AfterPay. Your clinic experience has never been this hassle-free.

Have Your Dental Treatment Done Today and Pay Later With AfterPay

At Brabham Smiles, we focus on giving our patients excellent care and a smooth dental experience. You can now enjoy convenience and flexibility in your payment plans with AfterPay. You don’t have to worry about big out-of-pocket payments because of AfterPay. It acts like your own special line of credit that allows you to pay back the amount in instalments over a 6-week period.

Afterpay is a digital platform that offers convenience and flexibility when it comes to payments. It allows patients to buy now and pay later, without incurring any interest or fees. Afterpay is becoming increasingly popular, as it eliminates our patients’ worries about up-front payments for dental treatment.

How Does AfterPay Work?

AfterPay gives you the freedom to pay for your dental treatment in a series of instalments over a 6-week period. It is an interest-free line of online credit that promotes responsible spending with spending limits that increases over time.


Download the App

For your convenience, AfterPay is accessed on your mobile phone using a user-friendly app.


Buy Now, Pay Later

AfterPay lets you pay for your dental treatments in four instalments over a six-week period.


Interest-free Credit

AfterPay charges no interest for payments and no monthly fees when dues are paid on time.


Responsible Spending

AfterPay sets a credit limit to avoid overspending. Your credit limit increases with responsible spending.

Get Started & Download The App Today

Registration for AfterPay is free and takes only a few clicks. To be eligible for AfterPay, one needs to be an Australian resident of at least 18 years of age. You will need to submit a valid and verifiable email address and mobile phone number. Lastly, one must be an authorized holder of a debit or credit card from an eligible Australian bank.

Upon finishing registration, you’ll receive your AfterPay virtual card. Set up your card for in-clinic payments. Book your appointment with us today!