NIB at Brabham Smiles

Brabham Smiles is a proud NIB First Choice Dentist. NIB members can enjoy lower rates for dental services and other exclusive benefits.

Enjoy Dental Coverage For All With nib

At Brabham Smiles, you can pay less for the same excellent quality service we provide. NIB members enjoy coverage for their bi-annual dental check-ups. This includes covered services like examination, x-rays, photographs, a scale and clean, as well as fluoride treatment.

NIB is an exceptional provider of health insurance in Australia. It offers coverage for several dental procedures and cashback depending on one’s plan. Even non-Australian residents can sign up to receive NIB coverage.

Benefits of Choose a Preferred Provider for NIB

As a preferred provider, Brabham Smiles offers exclusive benefits and discounts to NIB members. NIB prides itself on its members’ satisfaction and inclusive coverage.


Annual Check-ups

NIB offers up to 100% cashback on annual dental check-ups. This is inclusive of an examination, scale and clean, and fluoride treatment. Two bitewing x-rays are also covered yearly.


Cashback Opportunities

With the various Extras plans available, NIB members can choose their preferred level of coverage. NIB currently offers 60% to 75% cashback per dental visit. This will be subject to your annual limit.


Dental Service Discounts

Preferred NIB providers have exclusive discounts and offer for members. Dental treatments like orthodontics, dentures, and dental implants are priced competitively.


Mobile App Convenience

Inquiries regarding cover and remaining limits can be handled through the convenient mobile NIB app. By logging in online or through the app, you can make a claim anytime, anywhere.

Sign Up Today & Enjoy The Cover Benefits

NIB is now accessible through the NIB App and through its website. To become a NIB member, one will need to determine the type of coverage plan they will need from the different options. After providing some personal information, you will be able to make use of the cover benefits.

For those hoping to switch from a different fund, NIB will handle the transfer paperwork for your convenience. The account transfer will require the submission of a Transfer Certificate fourteen days after member sign-up. Overseas members will be required to provide information regarding their previous funds to begin the account transfer.